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Why You Need A Convection Oven

March 5, 2019 | Uncategorized | No Comments

If you do not have a convection oven in your restaurant, you are truly missing out. Convection ovens not only cook food faster, but also much more evenly. They produce a better product in less time, using less energy. Sounds great right?

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How A Connection Oven Works

A normal oven uses radiant heat to cook your food. Heat rises from the heating element or walls of the oven, cooking the food. The problem is that the heat can be uneven, resulting in unevenly cooked food. This could mean, for example, that the bottom of your cookies would burn before they are cooked through. A convection oven solves this problem by incorporating a fan or fans into the design. The fans circulate the heat, creating much more even cooking.

There are two main types of convection ovens. You have a “convection oven” and a “true convection oven”. The standard convection oven will have a fan that circulates the air in the oven which is a vast improvement over the traditional oven. A “true” convection oven has an additional heating element that heats the air as it exits the fan resulting in even better performance.

Why You Need A Convection Oven

There are several benefits to a convection oven. Here are just a few that you will notice right away when you put one into use in your Denver restaurant.

Convection Eliminates Hot Spots

With a traditional oven, you have hot and cold spots. This results in food that is overcooked in places and undercooked in others. Think of a pizza cooked in a regular oven where the crust burns before the cheese melts.

Convection Cooks Faster

You can drastically cut down your cook time. This has several advantages. First, time is everything and the quicker your staff can cook, the more productive they will be. Also, the piece of equipment itself will be far more productive. So productive in fact that a single convection oven might take the place of two traditional ones.

In addition, because of the short cook times, some foods will taste better. Think about flakier baked goods and foods cooked more evenly through. Meats will also cook faster, resulting in juicier food instead of dried out meat.

Types Of Convection Ovens

You can get a convection oven as either a counter mount or a floor mount.

Countertop Convection Ovens

These are great if space is limited and high production is not needed. Think convenience stores and smaller restaurants or cafes in Denver.

Floor Model Convection Ovens

There is a huge variety of floor model convections available to you in Denver. You can get half size, full size, standard depth, extended depth, etc, etc. You have the ability to et just the type of oven to meet your particular needs and space limitations.